Other Educational Opportunities

Presentation and Tours:
The Chief Coroner and her staff teach regularly and provide many educational presentations to community groups, students, and other professionals. Classes, presentations, and Office tours may be arranged. For more information please contact the Office or email Coronerquestions@adcogov.org.

Autopsy Viewing Policy:
The forensic autopsy procedure is a medical procedure and is treated as such. Viewing the autopsy procedure is limited to individuals that have a professional obligation to be present. Attendance is limited for safety concerns, to preserve the integrity of the investigation, and out of respect for the deceased. Individuals may be selected to participate in the autopsy procedures, for educational purposes, as part of the Office of the Coroner’s internship program. Students participating in the internship program must apply for and meet the program’s requirements.

Viewing an autopsy may also be accommodated on an individual basis for educational purposes, provided the individual meets one of the status criteria below and fulfills the additional requirements. Educational viewings are prohibited on cases that are suspicious or known homicides and additionally at the discretion of the Chief Coroner or her designee.

Status Criteria:

  • The individual is actively employed full-time in a related field and has been referred, by his or her supervisor, to view an autopsy for training/educational purposes related to the employee’s primary job responsibilities.
  • The individual is an actively enrolled human science graduate student, or human science undergraduate junior or senior and has been referred to view an autopsy for educational purposes by his/her science professor.
  • The individual is an actively enrolled medical student.

Additional Requirements:

  • Individuals shall submit proof of identification.
  • Individuals must submit to and pass a background clearance.
  • Students shall submit proof of active enrollment, credit year, and degree program.
  • Referrals, as required, shall be written on agency/educational institution letterhead, by the appropriate individual, and submitted directly from the referring entity to this office via mail. Referrals shall outline the educational benefit of attending a procedure and its relevance to the student’s area of study or individual’s career.
  • Individuals must sign a non-disclosure agreement, conduct agreement, and release and waiver of liability, assumption of risk, and indemnity agreement.

For additional information or questions on acceptable documentation please contact the Office of the Coroner via email at CoronerQuestions@adcogov.org.

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