Who is the deceased individual’s legal next-of-kin?

Per Colorado Revised Statutes, the legal next-of-kin is designated to the following person(s) and progresses in the following order: Personal representative or special administrator of the deceased individual’s estate. The surviving spouse of the deceased, if not legally separated. A person with the right to direct the disposition of the deceased’s last remains pursuant to […]

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What happens next?

Your loved one will arrive at the Office of the Coroner and personnel there will continue to investigate your loved one’s death. This investigation is done through a variety of means. Your loved one will stay at the Office of the Coroner until the office releases your loved one’s body to the mortuary that you […]

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How do I contact the Office of the Coroner?

Coroner personnel may be reached by emailing CoronerQuestions@adcogov.org or by calling (303) 659-1027. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. The office closes daily from 12 PM to 1 PM. The office is also closed on holidays and staff development days. To better serve you, it is best that […]

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Where is the Chief Coroner’s representative taking my deceased loved one?

our loved one will be taken to the Office of the Coroner of Adams and Broomfield Counties, located at 330 North 19th Avenue in Brighton, Colorado 80601.

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Why is the Office of the Coroner investigating my loved one’s death?

The Office of the Coroner is governed by Colorado Revised Statutes (Colorado law). These statutes require that the Chief Coroner, or her/his designated personnel, investigate certain types of deaths. If the Office of the Coroner is involved in investigating the death of your loved one, it is likely because the circumstances of your loved one’s […]

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