My loved one had property on or with him/her when he/she passed away. How do I get these items back?

Category: FAQ

In MOST circumstances all CLOTHING that your loved one was wearing at the time of his/her death will be released to the mortuary with your loved one’s body. In MOST circumstances all other property is stored in safekeeping at the Office of the Coroner until it can be returned to you (the legal next-of-kin). If you are the deceased individual’s legal next-of-kin or executor of his/her estate, you may call the Office of the Coroner and make arrangements to obtain the property. Please call the office first, to ensure that the property is available for release to you. You will be required to produce proof of identification and may be required to produce other documentation to retrieve the items.

*Please note the days and hours that the office is open to the public.

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